What is being done about Counterfeiters and Stock Availability?




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    Cindra Bowman

    As it is NOT you who sold me counterfeit monkeys, who would you suggest I complain to. I bought them with a debit card not credit or through paypal. So I know I can't get my money back but I am upset and think that there should be a consumer group at least or something. They used your logo, and pictures showing the mark on the butt and everything and I even found the web site using Wow Wee to find it, and Fingerlings and of course the site is no longer there. Just wondering what I can do not that I have the fakes. Are they even any good or should they just go to the trash?


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    Crystal Dark Pinkie

    I have a real Unicorn Gigi and I saw a fake fingerling commercial on TV8 (Turkish Television Channel) And it shows a fake fingerling monkeys and they are from Çocuk Market (Kid market in English) and they cost 50 TL (49.90) in reals like Toyzz Shop (A turkish company) 100 TL (99.99 TL) I shall buy it or no?

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